Using DataProvider for Jasmine

When it comes to writing comprehensive tests we always need a sort of “data provider” necessary to execute the tests several times with a different input. The test methods (like it) should be written, of course, just once.

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JetBrains WebStorm/PHPStorm + jQuery + JsTestDriver + Jasmine

This post describes a workaround to get the triple jQuery + JsTestDriver + Jasmine working inside JetBrains WebStorm to be able to perform tests from the IDE.

As mentioned in this post there are apparently some issue when you try to run the built-in version of the JsUnitDriver. The result is the following exception that is thrown when you try to capture the browser:

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JIRA Custom Select Field

There are many issue tracking systems. In my humble opinion, JIRA ( is the most sophisticated one.

Recenty, I tried to integrate a new field into the structure af an issue. Here are my requirements:

  • the content may appear inside of a select control
  • the content is pulled every time when they insert a new issue or change the existing ones
  • the content could be pretty large. Maybe 1000 items. The user should be able to filter.

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